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Cartoons You Want The Humanity To Remember:

Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac is doubtlessly one of the best cartoons ever aired on tv.

It has a strong narrative that shows the evolution of the main characters: At first they are weak, but they become stronger as the story advances. They learn new tricks and constantly develop their skills.

I think it would be better if they'd loose more often a battle or two.

Enemies end up being friends and a tale is told. Not just the same completely finished static heroes fighting the ever-fleeing-equally-static enemies that you see in other cartoons (GI Joe for instance).

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This series reminds me a bit of Transformers. There are holy armors that take the shape of a constellation - usually an animal, though inanimated objects are to be seen too - when not in use and protect the warrior giving him or her a fantastic samurai-like look in battle.

I also should mention the fact that this one was the very first tv show that i ever saw where a woman fights a man hand to hand and where one can see actual bleeding.

Tv and movies have a tabu about that. You always see the male hero avoiding any kind of violence against women. If there's a bad lady then there's a good lady, usually the heroe's sidekick or sweetheart, who deals with her.

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The most of the chapters are beautifully drawn, though there are a couple of sorrowful exceptions, and the story is mesmerizing.

There are three or four sagas in these series. The first one is in Athens, then you have one under the sea, other in the ices of a place called Asgard, and other in the spiritual realm. Personally i like the first and third ones better.

Finally, i think this show's major flaw is precisely its major virtue: it is too short. Like a good an expensive wine.

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