Final Fantasy VIII. We know this is the second in line of the very popular game series for the PlayStation. Was FFVII and FFIX good enough? I have to find out for myself. Personally I have played FFVIII and I think it is the best, for it is my first FF game that I have played. And FFX, X-2 & XII are great for the PS2. But I will talk about FFVIII because of how it was my first Final Fantasy.

Major Characters:

article image.Squall LeonHart: Squall is FFVIII's main character. He is a quiet man training to become a member of the legendary SeeD. He does care about some things, and if a event or topic interests him, he will become involved in it. His weapon is the new (to FF games) gunblade, which is a combination of a sword and gun. It has been rumored that Squall's relationship with Laguna Loire is founded from a dream. The extent of it is unknown. The name Squall means "passing shower" to implicate Squall's unique assertiveness. His last name, Leonhart, is from FF3, which was only released in Japan.

article image Seifer Almasy: Although Seifer is a talented and worthy fighter, his temper and lack of responsibility lost him the right to join SeeD. His jealousy of Squall's talent has made him incredibly bitter. His rivalry against Squall feeds his ego and his need to be the best. He bears the same scar as Squall and and also carries a gunblade. Seifer is a law enforcer at the Balamb Garden, assisted by Raijin and Fuujin. Also has a gunblade for weapon.

article image Selphie Tilmitt: Selphie has joined the Garden as a recomendation to SeeD. She is a friend and classmate of Squall. Although she exhibits brute force and total devotion to SeeD, Selphie's kind heart and laid-back attitude seem inexhaustable. Transfering from Trabia Garden, Selphie quickly blends in with her new surroundings. Selphie becomes easily intimidating to Squall by exhibiting a fiesty flare, but her courageous, take-charge personage become respected among her classmates and the group.

article image Quistis Trepe: At the age of 10, Quistis joined Garden. Her supreme fighting skills got her into SeeD at only age 15. Now, however, she is a teacher at the Garden, where she has been named the "Trepe Teacher" by her students..

article image Laguna Loire: Once a soldier, Laguna has become a successful and outgoing journalist. Among his friends and comrades, Laguna is respected, and an figure of optimism. Laguna originates from Galbadia, and opposing force to SeeD. Laguna has some kind of relationship with Squall, whom he meets in a dream. Laguna's first name comes from Laguna Beach in California.

article image Irvine Kinneas: Irvine is a student of the Galbadia Garden, which is responsible for the attack and takeover at the satellite system in Dollet. He is a little overconfident and he claims to be the "best shooter 'round".However, he is somewhat of a loner. He also seems to be a... cowboy.

article image Zell Dincht: Growing up rich, Zell joined Garden at the young age of 13 to follow in his grandfather's footsteps as a pround and powerful soldier. His honor and integrity fit his military ideals.He is short tempered, but he possesses a sense of humor. Through his rough attitude and his experience, Zell is a martial arts master and a powerful warrior.

article image Rinoa Heartilly: Though somewhat shy, she is very straightforward and honest with others. She is warm-hearted, and her tenderness and kind compassion make her very endearing. Through the game she develops a relationship (I'd say romantic) with Squall. Her weapon is the projectile weapon called Blaster Edge. Rinoa comes from a forest town called Timber. Galbadia soldiers took over the town, and Rinoa created a resistance movement called Owl of the Forest. Galbadia takes over a satellite system in Dollet and publically declares war against the world. Rinoa learns that a witch is behind Galbadia, and she seeks out SeeD for help in destroying the witch (Edea). Squall, Zell, and Seifer are dispatched to Dollet, accompanied by Rinoa.

Minor Characters:

Sorceress Edea: A mysterious sorceress obsessed with power. Her lure of control has strongly grasped the Galbadian Army, shifting an enormous amount of power in their favor. With the army at her command and a government conspiracy surrounding her name, the world is gripped in confusion and terror. Her plans are unknown, yet SeeD has learned of her reign and are dispatched to eliminate her. And it turns out that she is the matron of the main characters, except Rinoa and wife of Headmaster Cid of Balamb.

Fujin & Raijin: Though mostly quiet and only spurting loud, single words as a means of communication, Fujin has the strength, power, and demeanor of any male warrior. She stands beside Seifer and Raijin as an element of their "posse." However, Raijin is very outspoken, rash, and self-centered. Also a part of Balamb's Disciplinary Committee, Raijin tags along with his posse to enforce Garden rules.

Ward Zaback: Sporting a scar as a result of an old war injury and looking rough and tough on the exterior, Ward has a kind heart and follows closely with his friends and comrades, Laguna and Kiros.

Kiros Seagul: A close friend to Laguna and devoted comrade, serving alongside him in the Galbadia Army. Though more refined than Ward, Kiros' faith and trust is an equal component of their overall companionship.

Ellone: Ellone is a mysterious girl and the missing "Sis" of Squall's past. She has the ability to send a person's consciousness back in time and into the body of another, so they can experience and influence the actions of that person. She uses this talent to send Squall's party into Laguna's past adventures, hoping that they would alter the past; however, she eventually realizes that her abilities can only view history, not alter it. Ultimecia needs this power to achieve time compression, so she uses the Galbadian military to find her. After Ellone's parents were killed by Galbadian soldiers, she lived with Raine until she was captured by Esthar. She shares a close relationship with her adoptive uncle, Laguna, who rescues her from Esthar. After Raine's death, she moves to Cid's orphanage before following him to Balamb Garden.

Ultimecia: Ultimecia is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. Because she operates through the body of Edea Kramer, her role is not discovered until late in the game. While possessing Edea, Ultimecia gains control of Galbadia and later possesses Rinoa to release Sorceress Adel from her orbital prison. A sorceress from the future, Ultimecia is capable of reaching back through time via a special machine to possess other sorceresses She seeks to cast a spell called "Time Compression", which would cause all eras to merge; this would extinguish all life but hers.[81] Squall and his comrades use her time compression spell to travel to her time and defeat her, sparking a cycle that would lead to the formation of SeeD.

So I debate this to you, the people,who have played this an other Final Fantasies: Was FFVIII the best in what was offered to RPGers or was it doomed from the start? I say this because I played it and it is the best Final Fantasy I have played and it was my first Final Fantasy that I have played. So I give this game a 10/10!