I just recently joined RJ and I have to say I am impressed with many of the members opinions on what Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, etc. should be like. However, I have read some articles that did annoy me as it reminded me of what I constantly preach to people, how Nickelodeon, etc. should bring back the old skool shows. Now that I have seen what I will call a "reflection in the mirror," I see now that even if Nickelodeon (i'll just say Nickelodeon even though I mean other channels as well) did bring old shows back, yes, it would satisfy veteran viewers, but would it appeal to the younger demographic? Lets face it, the concept of "cool" back in the 90's and 80's is way different from the concept of "cool" today. What we grew up watching in our prime could have a younger kid saying "why did you like this show?" I read an article by Spongeroks that they posted recently and it brought up a VERY excellent point on how people are different.

He said:

"10 years from now, there would be a bunch of people on this site who grew up in the 2000s, saying stuff like "Disney, please bring back American Dragon: Jake Long." or "I miss Spongebob Squarepants, too bad Nick went down the drain." and the "TV Sucks Now" articles would say that they hate cartoons from the 2010s, which would still drive me crazy."

I agree 100%, once I read that, it was a wake up call. If the people that grew up with 90's cartoons grew up with the shows that are on now, we would be loving them right now!

so to sum up...I say we should just let Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network have the programs that are airing right now. Because they are the shows that kids today will remember when they become adults. Besides, it's not like the shows that we love dissappeared, they live on on VHS tapes, DVD's that are being released, our memories, and let's not forget, by all the wonderful people here on RJ!