Ok. This is just my opinion. Also i need help with how to add pictures. help please.

25.Super Mario Bros. 2

What was there to say about this one? i liked how your able to throw veggies at the enemies. I know how the idea was the same as Doki Doki Panic but I like how you can play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool (or Peach), and Toad.Also each have different abilities (like how Mario is faster, Luigi can jump higher, peach could float, and Toad is strong ((according to the manual)).).

24.Sonic R

I like how you can play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman), Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, Egg Robo, and Super Sonic. Plus the song Super Sonic Racing isn't bad either. Also some of them can do cool things (like how Metal Sonic could float on water) plus It's a must have for the Sega Saturn.

23.Kirby's Dream Course

It's a bit challenging but It's cute how you can play as Kirby and golf. I just got this game today on the Virtual Consle for the Wii so i didn't play much of it but I like it so far.


Now THIS one is a classic. Plus in the beginning it's easy to get the ability to turn into a ball to get under small areas. Also this is the very first game of Metroid (pretty cool to me)

21.Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels
This one is hard and fun at the same time.This game was not available in America due to it being hard for them (including poison mushrooms that made you lose a life and warp pipes that sent you backwards). Don't worry you can play it on Wii. It's pretty hard though.

20.Yoshi's story
This one is cute (kawaii) and cool. You play as Yoshi and try to save the super fun happy tree from the evil Baby Bowser. You play as different Yoshis (including green, red, blue, light blue, pink, and yellow) and go throught these cute and tough worlds looking for the tree.

19.Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

I liked this one. It's a Sonic version of Puyo Puyo Pop. Plus the bots (Coconuts, Scratch, and Grounder from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog show).They're 13 stages and each robot has their own ability (like how Coconuts puts the first one on one side then the second on the other). They even used the AoStH Dr. Robotnik which is cool.

18.Super Mario Land
This was a cool game and how Daisy's first appearence was in it.I can't get far on it but i like it.

17.Super Mario Land 2
YAY first appearence of Wario and this new flying hat ability.The graphics are kinda like Super Mario Bros. 3 which also makes it cool.

16.Sonic the Hedgehog 2
This one is amazing. Especially the appearence of Tails. Now Sonic is faster and Sonic has to defeat Dr. Robotnik's ass again. Amazing especially with Tails.

15.Paper Mario
I love this game. It's a role-playing game. you can play as Paper Mario and Paper Peach.The paper graphics are cool too.

14.Pokemon Stadium 2
Cool game, cool graphics, cool moves, cool mini games, cool game. I like this game of course.

13.Super Smash Bros.
AMAZING how the Nintendo characters join in one world and start battling i like it. How can this NOT be on my list? (PS Super Smash Bros. Brawl includes sonic)

12.Sonic the Hedgehog 3
This game is amazing. The first appearence of Knuckles.Also you can play as sonic and tails individually or together. A must have for Sonic fans.

11.Kirby's Adventure
This game was really fun and awesome.Also a lot of abilities. One of my favorite Kirby games.

10.Kirby 64: the Crystal Shards
In this game you can mix abilities and play mini games. It's amazing how they added so many features in this game (like 02 the angel of 0) .Anyways this game is awesome.

9.The Legend of Zelda
A fun game. Also you have to save the world of Hyrule from the evil Ganon and save Zelda. The first ever Legend of Zelda game. It's a cool game

8.Sonic the Hedgehog

The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog game. Also the first appearence of Dr. Robotnik. I lke this game due to it being classic.

7.Super Mario 64

Ok. Maybe a lot of you knew this game was gonna be on the list. Well it is cause of how Awesome it is. Mario can become invisible with the blue block, metal with the green block, and fly with the red block. Plus you can throw Bowser and wall jump as well. Mario can also punch and kick in this game.A AWESOME game for collectors and gamers.

6.Super Mario World
Ok this one is on the list because you can become cape Mario, play as Mario and Luigi,the Koopalings are in it, and that you are on a long (but extremely fun) adventure. ALSO this is the first appearence of Yoshi which makes it TWICE the fun.

5.Mario Party

This one is cool due to playing a ton of mini games and playing as some of your favorite Mario characters. This game is AMAZING and is kinda hard to get now. So i suggest you get it before your to late.

4.Sonic CD
Ok now THIS was awesome. You can go super fast, go to the past, go to the future, first appearence of Amy, first appearence of Metal Sonic, and one of the only good titles on Sega CD. THIS GAME ROCKS!

3.Sonic the Fighters

Ok this game is cool due to new characters, a cool fighting game, and hard to find. Sonic the Fightes is a cool game especially if you can play as all those characters.

2.Super Mario Bros. 3

This game has a lot of abilities, the first appearence of the Koopalings, and better graphics. One of the most famous Mario games ever.

1.Super Mario Bros.

Of course. Why can't we forget this one?Well they include it at least once in almost every Mario game (I SAID ALMOST NOT EXCACTALLY ALL OF THEM) and it was a famous game and the first appearence of the evil King Koopa (Bowser) and a lot of fun as well.