Latest Junk
My Little Pony La-Ti-Da Hair and Spa Playset
Reminds me of a classic Halo shampoo commercial in the early 1950's.
Sonic 3D Blast Commercial
The Blue is back in a video game that is so hot, it'll melt your screaming radio.
Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid Commercial
Oh, yeah, giant purple dinosaurs!
Pink Swimmingo Kool-Aid Commercial
The Kool-Aid jug crashes through another wall. I hope the home owners are insured! Oh, yeah!
Kool-Aid Commercial with Barbie and Hot Wheels
A very young Billie Piper features in the Barbie/Hot Wheels tag....
The Center for News Literacy PSA - Clarissa Ward
Clarissa Ward talks about News Literacy.
WBFS TV33 Prime Movie open
This was the classic South Florida's TV33 Prime Movie opening titles.
WBFS TV33 - Merry Christmas ident
This was the 1987 Merry Christmas video ident from Miami's TV33.
WFOR CBS4 - Happy Holidays Promo #2
This was the 2nd video of WFOR CBS4 Happy Holidays 2008 promo campaign.
Eternal Champions (Sega Genesis) Ad 2
Uploaded to YouTube by Sega-16. You may never look at other fighting games the same way.
Quote O' Matic
  • Nick: i gotta fire chuck
  • Suzanne: why? cause he made you go fishing?
  • Nick: no, cause hes tearing up our house
  • Are We Done Yet?