Vice Versa Movie Promo on KNXV Fox 15
Taken from 1988 Movie with Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage.
He-Man on KNXV in Is Powerful Enough
Taken from 1984.
Star Trek on KNXV in The Man Is Dead
Taken reruns from 1984.
Leave It to Beaver on KNXV in Stay Overnight
Taken reruns from 1984.
Inspector Gadget on KNXV The 1st Bionic Detective
Taken from 1984.
The Night of the Hunter Movie Promo on KNXV
Taken from 1955 Movie with both late Robert Mitchum and Shelly Winters.
KNXV The Movies of May! '86 Promo
Thief from '81, Funhouse from '81, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest from '75, Eddie and the Cruisers from '83, The Howling from '81 and Adam from '83.
Star Trek: The Next Generation on KNXV Pow Aliens
Taken from 1991.
KNXV Fox 15 ID in You're Watching (1990)
Taken from 1990.
Life Pager
Taken from 1994.
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