Taxi on KSTW in Extend a Helping Hand to a Runaway
Taken reruns from 1985.
Taxi on KPDX in Easy Street to Ruth Gordon
Taken reruns from 1984.
One Day at a Time/Carol Burnett & Friends on KPDX
Taken both reruns from 1984.
KPDX The Flintstones for Shriners with Little Judy
Taken from 1984.
KPDX Movie of the Week Promo Get Ready for Action
Taken from 1984.
KPDX Late Movie Promo in Stay Up Late
Taken from 1984.
KPDX ID with Channel 13 on Cable 2 (1983)
Taken from 1983.
KPDX Home of the Stars Mix Promo
Taken from 1984.
G&N Enterprises in You Can Own Your Own Home
Network Music's Ponderosa
America: The Beautiful Dreamer Save Sale Tag Price
Vangelis' Telstar
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