The Mickey Mouse Club
Original season 1 closing (Wednesday, Anything Can Happen Day) with the Alma Mater, Mickey signoff and end credits (February 1, 1956)
Fraggle Rock
German credits (season 1)
Fraggle Rock
German credits (season 2)
Fraggle Rock
German credits (season 3)
NBC News: Election Coverage
Decision '80: Election Night close - November 4, 1980
WBBM-TV Newscasts
The Channel 2 News 6PM close - September 16, 1985
WTVF-TV Newscasts
Newschannel 5 6PM close - March 11, 2016
"An Arthur Thanksgiving" credits feat. Buster Baxter with the online/local library tag at the beginning (OAD: 11/16/2020; Produced in 2019)
Teen Titans Go!
8 TTG! episodes/Remaining MoE credits for The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) premiere CN credits w/ Apple & Onion sneak peak (10/14/2019)
Teen Titans Go!
"Toddler Titans… Yay!"/"Huggbees" CN credits w/ Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018) premiere promo (OAD: 11/14/2020)