Polaroid Christmas with The Muppets
1981 ad.
Bedrock Blizzard Fruity Pebbles
1999 Christmas ad.
The Shorter Version of this Bumper has been Found. But the Longer Version of this Bumper is Lost.
Fuse Hairstyle Bumper
Fuse TV's Lost Bumper.
Fuse God Save the Music
Fuse TV's Lost Bumper.
Lost Fuse TV Bumper
Lost Fuse TV Bumper.
Fuse 'There is Fuse' Bumper
Ive been looking for this Lost Fuse TV Bumper since 2007 or 2008. It has been Lost for more than 10 Years.
Lost Fuse 'Sven' Bumper
I've been looking for this Lost TV Bumper from Fuse TV since 2007 or 2008. Nowhere to be Found on the Internet.
Fuse Cheese is Not for Wearing
A Lost Bumper/Ident from Fuse TV.