US Postal Service-It Comes to You!
2000 ad from during the "Fly Like an Eagle" era.
Rent-A-Center with John Madden
2003 ad.
Pennzoil with Rick Mears
1990 commercial.
PAX Weather First Promo Slide
2000 bumper slide for the PAX First Weather service on former Manhattan PAX flagship WPXN 31.
Liquid Plumr
2000 ad.
Jell-O Chocolate Pudding with Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby with kids--rather disturbing in 2021!...
E*Trade-Original Talking Baby Commercial
2008 Super Bowl ad.
Converse Weapons-1986 NBA All-Stars
1986 ad.
Breyer's All-Natural Ice Cream
2000 ad.
Amtrak-Auto Train
2000 commercial.