Important User Changes (8/29/2020)

All user accounts have migrated to a new system and there are some important changes you need to know about.

Some Usernames Have Changed

New usernames have a more restricted character set and any old accounts that contained characters outside that set have had them removed or replaced. The valid characters for a username are alphanumeric (a-z 0-9), underscore (_) and dash (-). If your account contained a character outside that range it is best to login with your email to see how your username has changed.

If your username has changed it is likely that you do not like how it has changed. The good news is that it is now possible to change your username yourself. To change your username, log into your account and go to the "Account" > "My Profile" section under the drop down navigation menu at the top of the site.

Some Passwords Must Be Reset

If your password does not meet the minimum requirements of the new system you will be required to update your password on your next log in. Passwords must be a minimum length of 8 characters, have at least one number and have at least 6 unique characters.

This procedure requires a valid email address on your account. If your email is invalid and you do not have a valid password for the account on the old system your account is unfortunately unrecoverable.

Why the Change?

The new system is more modern, secure and allows you to be authenticated across the many servers Retro Junk needs to operate without having to log into each one individually. This will pave the way for some fun new things in the future.

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