Chewin' The Fat
Debut: January 13, 1999
Ended: December 31, 2005

Chewin' the Fat was a cult smash in Scotland, an award-winner, and was watched/worshipped with a fervour unseen since the heyday of Rab C. Nesbitt. A sketch show, it poked fun at Scottish, US and English stereotypes, merging farce, outrageous humor and social commentary. Two characters, Jack and Victor, have gone on to form their own spin-off series, Still Game, which has further smashed CTF's own record. Other possible spin-offs were discussed, including Ronald Villiers. Go right on, Ford and Greg and the team: You've nowhere to stay but put.

Painter: "You've taken that too far -Painter"
various: "Milk, Lemonade, Chocolate, Milk, Lemonade, Chocolate. -various"
Victor: "Your warm now, but how's it gonna be in a wee stoney jail cell, with nothin to heat you up, but a hot boaby... Right up your ass! -Victor"
various: "UGGGHHHH -various"
Big Man's Maw: "[to a woman] You agitating ma boy. I'll stick this Barbie that far up your arse that Ken will need tae dangle fae your tonsils just tae get a goodnight winch. -Big Man's Maw"
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