Saban's Bob In A Bottle (The Genie Family)
Debut: January 01, 1969
Ended: January 01, 1970
Debut: January 01, 1969
Ended: January 01, 1970

The Genie Family (ハクション大魔王 Hakushon Daimaō) is an anime series by Tatsunoko Production. An old bottle has found its way into the household of a modern family, which consists of a boy named Kan and his parents. A Big genie named Hakushon and his daughter, Akubi lives reside inside it. When Kan finds the bottle, he discovers that a sneeze summons Hakushon and he must grant the wish of whoever sneezed, while a yawn summons Akubi and she must do the same for whoever yawned. Getting wishes granted by either genie may not be a good thing, for Hakushon messes them up due to his own extreme clumsiness, while the more capable Akubi likes to cause mischief by twisting their words and meanings so that something bad happens. The series was adapted in Australia, Canada, and New Zeland by Haim Saban and his company Saban Entertainment in 1992 under the english name Saban's Bob In A Bottle. A reggae-style theme song was written by Haim Saban and was composed, directed, and produced by Shuki Levy. Hakushon, Akubi and Kan were renamed "Bob", "Illana" and "Joey" respectively. Later, Bob in a Bottle was aired in Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Danish, and Hebrew. The English version did not air in the United States but it aired on both Canada's YTV youthful Television and Australia's Seven Network in 1992, as well on New Zealand's TV2 in 1994. The slogans for Saban's Bob In A Bottle was "Make everyday like paradise" and "You sneeze i please that's the way it goes!" It was shown in Latin America under the name Yam Yam y el Genio, in Italy under the name "Il Mago Pancione Etcì" and in Arabic speaking countries as El Fatah Borhan. A sequel series, "Hakushon Daimaō 2020" began broadcasting on Yoimuri Television on April 11, 2020. It takes place 50 years after the original series ended, and introduces Pūta, who is Akubi's brother and Hakushon's son. Tatsunoko version (1969-70) Saban version (1992-94) Tatsunoko/Nippon Animation sequel series (2020)

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Bob (Hakushon Daimao): "You sneeze, I please."
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