Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad
Debut: January 01, 1994
Ended: January 01, 1994

Based on a show from Japan called Grid Man, the English version lasted a few more episodes. The story revolves around Sam Collins, a highschool student with a knack for programming games who gets sucked into his computer by some freak power surge, transforming into one of his own creations: Servo. Along with his friends Tanker, Syd, Amp, and Lucky, Team Samurai fights fellow classmate Malcom Frink's megaviruses sent to destroy cyberspace by the evil Kilokahn- a Millitary Intelligence program thought to be destroyed by the same power surge. The entire show feels like a mix between Ultraman and Saved by the Bell.

Tanker: "Lets kick some giga-butt! -Tanker"
Sam/Servo: "Let's Samuraize! -Sam/Servo"
Syd: "Pump up the power! -Syd"
Lucky: "Suuuuuurfs UP! -Lucky"
Elizabeth: "Oh big BROTHER!... -Elizabeth"
Kilokahn: "What do you want "MEAT-THING..." -Kilokahn"
Malcom: "NO! They initiated the Synchro Sequence! -Malcom"
amp: "you wont get away with this kilokhan -amp"
Malcom and kilokahn: "kilokahn overlord of the digital world I call your I am here! ah that was fast, actually I have to slow my processing t converse with you meat - thing I normaly operate at 400 megaherts yes but you cant create a virus to save your life can you -Malcom and kilokahn"
Kilokahn: "What how can this be?"
Servo: "I'm servo Kilokahn, servo"
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