The Legend of Zelda
Debut: September 08, 1989
Ended: December 01, 1989

The Legend of Zelda is an animated series that aired on NBC Saturday Mornings. It is based on popular NES game by the same name. Link and Zelda travel across Hyrule to protect the Triforce of Wisdom from Ganon, who has the Triforce of Power. Only 13 episodes were made.

Link: "Well excuse me, princess! -Link"
Sprite: "What is it, ugly people day? - Sprite"
Zelda: "Link HAS to save me; its his JOB! -Zelda"
Zelda and Link: "Zelda: Kiss me Link! Link: I'd BEE glad to HON. -Zelda and Link"
Link: "*wolf whistle* Looking good princess, especially from this angle. -Link"
Zelda: "Nice Job, Hero! -Zelda"
Ganon and his henchman: "Henchma I'm sorry lord ganon gonon your sorry your sorry blast these incompant servents you're idots and that dreaed link is really statring to anoy me but he does have a weakness he'll do anything for zelda -Ganon and his henchman"
Ganon: "So Prnice Faccide has shown his sickly face in Hyrule has he this could be most fortunet I've delt with him before he's brave but he's vian very vian about his looks he'd never let himself get drity to even to save a prnicess -Ganon"
Prince Facade: "I'm sorry Zelda but, these are my hero clothes, and heroes simply do not get dirty. -Prince Facade"
The Red Triforce: "But your no amateur your a fool! -The Red Triforce"
the red triforce: "but your not an amateur your a fool! -the red triforce"
The Blue Triforce: "orderly ways do not make one brave and neatness does not a kingdom saved -The Blue Triforce"
Ganon: "She is under my control hero and as for you you have your own problems -Ganon"
Ganon and the moblins: "Aaah blast blast blast you idiots bungled it again sorry you;ll be sorryier yaah obvisely if I want the triforce of wisdom I,m gonna have to get it myself there is a contest of amatuer magicians in HYRULE today I shall that contest.! -Ganon and the moblins"
Link: "Zelda Loves Me!!!! -Link"
Zelda: "Link speak to me! Link."
Link: "Dying, kiss me"
Zelda: "Oh you, your fine obviously!"
Link: "Aww, come on princess"
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