MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch
Debut: May 14, 1998
Debut: May 14, 1998

In this claymation series boxing and wrestling become one with no rules involved except one: A celebrity has to die. Or both celebrities fighting in a deathmatch could die, which did often happen. The show was very popular and thrived in the days of Tom Green and other MTV memorables. The show also became a hit video game and let the fans get in on the bloody action! in 2005 the show went back on the air on mtv and mtv 2.

Johnny Gomez: "This is Johnny Gomez saying good fight, goodnight! -Johnny Gomez"
Nick Diamond: "WOW. He beat him harder than I beat my wife. -Nick Diamond"
Stone Cold: "And thats the bottom line because stone cold said so. -Stone Cold"
Cher: "[to Bette Midler] Hey, Midler! You got a wide load sign for that ass? -Cher"
Alfred Hitchcock: "[to Steven Spielberg] Good evening, Steven. Welcome to Alfred Hitchcock Presents... your death. -Alfred Hitchcock"
Johnny Gomez: "[to a ripped Spice Girl] Looks like we'll have to change her name to "Shorty Spice". -Johnny Gomez"
Anna Kournikova: "Yes, I called her ugly, but I should have called her a pig! I should have called her a hideous, swirly moonie face! I hate her, I hate her! Aaaaaaaaaah! -Anna Kournikova"
Mankind: "You know what the difference between your book and mine is? MINE WEIGHS MORE. -Mankind"
Mills Lane: "Mills Lane: Let's get it on. -Mills Lane"
Chris rock: "im so lucky, pennys throw me into lakes, im so luckey, rabbits rub my feet."
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