Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Debut: September 14, 1985
Ended: February 22, 1991
Debut: September 14, 1985
Ended: February 22, 1991

Disney's "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" is an action/comedy series about a hidden group of humanoid bears who are the secret defenders of the human kingdom of Dunwyn. Episodes consist of two 11 minute unconnected segments, or one full-length segment (22 minutes) when a storyline warranted. Together with their human friends, Cavin and Princess Calla, the bears attempt to remember their long forgotten past which was recorded in the Great Book of Gummi centuries ago. One secret that was never forgotten was the recipe of Gummiberry Juice, a mystical potion that allows any Gummi Bear, upon downing the liquid, to become "bouncy". Gummiberry Juice also had the rather unique ability to make human beings superhumanly strong. That was one of the reasons why the villian Duke Igthorn desperately wanted the secret of the Gummiberry Juice. The first three seasons are currently available on DVD. The release date for the remaining seasons is TBA. Now you can enjoy the magic, music, fun, beauty, wonder, joy, warmth, comedy, action, adventure, enchantment, and majesty of the Gummi Bears!

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Sunni: "Gummiberry, gummi berry juice...mmm, let's see, uh...we can bounce! -Sunni"
Grammi and Gruffi: "Grammi: "You're walkling into danger for Cavin? I thought you didn't like humans!" Gruffi: "Don't you tell me who I like or who I don't like!" Grammi: "Here's his gummiberry juice." -Grammi and Gruffi"
Gruffi: "Humans are nothing but trouble! -Gruffi"
Cavin, Gruffi, and Grammi: "Cavin: "Could I have something to drink?" Gruffi: "No!" Grammi: "Gruffi Gummi, YOU have the manners of a billy goat! Bless you, child. Of course we'll get you a drink." -Cavin, Gruffi, and Grammi"
Cavin and Unwin: "Cavin: "Come on, Unwin. There aren't any Gummi Bears now, but they used to exist. Everyone knows that." Unwin: " 'Everyone knows that.' Everyone knows they're just fairy tales!" -Cavin and Unwin"
Cavin, Sunni, and Cubbi: "Cavin: "What was that stuff I drank?" Sunni: "Oh...gummiberry juice. We Gummies have been making it for centuries." Cubbi: (bouncing into Grammi's arms) "It's what makes us bunce." -Cavin, Sunni, and Cubbi"
Grammi and Cavin: "Grammi: "Leave the boy alone, Gruffi Gummi! He's proven that he's trustworthy." Cavin: "Thank you, ma'am. My name's Cavin, by the way." Grammi: "Well, what a po-LITE young man!" -Grammi and Cavin"
Grammi and Cubbi: "Cubbi: "But Grammi..." Grammi: " No buts! The poor baby might get hurrrrrrrrt!" -Grammi and Cubbi"
Cubbi: "I've never seen a human close up before. -Cubbi"
Tummi and Grammi: "Tummi: "I'll take care of the guard." Grammi: "How do ya plan to do that?" Tummi: "Well, if he's hungry, I could bribe him with a turkey leg. You happen to have one on ya?" -Tummi and Grammi"
Gruffi and Grammi: "Gruffi: "This is certifiably insane!" Grammi: "Oh, stop grousin' and get in! Remember, Sunni needs us!" -Gruffi and Grammi"
Zummi: ""As you all know, the Great Book of Gummi will never be finished." -Zummi"
Tummi: "Gruffi takes his bossiness very seriously. -Tummi"
Zummi: "Today, we helped a young boy--save his kingdom. -Zummi"
Gruffi: "Gummies, attack! -Gruffi"
Grammi: "Stay where you are, or I'll smmmack into next Tuesday! -Grammi"
King Gregor and Princess Calla: "Gregor: "Calla, what have I said to you about jumping into that haystack?" Calla: "A--princess has to set an example for her people." -King Gregor and Princess Calla"
Cavin: "All those stories about the Great Gummies...they really are just fairy tales. You're nothing but a bunch of...silly, selfish old bears! I'm just one boy, but I'm not afraid to try! -Cavin"
Zummi: "I think this says uh--oh dear--tumern umin vumis uma bumal--Gruffi! -Zummi"
Igthorn and Toadie: "Igthorn: "Who are those attackers?" Toadie: "They--lookin' like--Gummi Bears, you Dookiness." -Igthorn and Toadie"
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