The Berenstain Bears
Debut: September 14, 1985
Ended: December 06, 2004
Debut: September 14, 1985
Ended: December 06, 2004

The series is set in a world populated solely by anthropomorphic bears and primarily centers around the Berenstain Bears, a family residing in the rural community of Bear Country consisting of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear. Albeit numerous episodes are based on the books and promote the same morals as encouraged in the picture books from which their plots originated, the program's faithfulness to the original series is slightly mixed on account of a number of later episodes follow original storylines. Nonetheless, they mostly portray the same environment depicted in the original Berenstain Bears storybooks quite accurately and concentrate on the messages and lessons learned by the family through their different experiences, such as gratitude and responsibility, as well as the daily lives of the bears. The 1985 series was produced by Southern Star and aired on CBS. The 2003 series was produced by Nelvana and aired on PBS Kids.

Mama Bear: "oh for goodness sake! where are your manners?"
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Lizzy Bruin and Sister Bear: "Lizzy: "Sister's mad, and I'm glad!" Sister: "Lizzy-Lizzy in a tizzy! -Lizzy Bruin and Sister Bear"
Sister Bear: "Brother talked to a stranger! Brother talked to a stranger! -Sister Bear"
Big Paw the cave-bear: "I love to sing sing sing-a-ling, and play a tune on my banjo string. -Big Paw the cave-bear"
The Terrible Termite: "My friends call me the Terrible Termite...That is, if I HAD any friends... -The Terrible Termite"
Papa Bear: "This way to Bear Country--you'll know when you're there. As soon as you enter, you'll feel like a bear--a great *grizzly* bear--a Berenstain Bear!"
Sister: "Sour puss! Brother"
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