Debut: January 01, 2002
Debut: January 01, 2002

Kotarou Higuchi is befriended by his neighbor Misha, an angel-in-training.[ch. 1] He is later acquainted with Shia, a demon, who is urged by her forgotten memories to search for something.[ch. 7] Kotarou continues his daily life until Shia absorbs his life energy and leaves town.[ch. 28] Kotarou investigates and discovers Shia is his great-grandmother who is searching for his dying great-grandfather, Taro Higuchi.[ch. 35] After the revelation, Shia regains her memories and mourns Taro's death before she also dies.[ch. 38] Afterwards, Kotarou learns that Misha's test involves helping Kotarou find happiness; regardless of the result, the two will separate when the test's deadline is reached.[ch. 45] Realizing Heaven's true intent, Kotarou asks Misha to rid him of his ability to see angels as he has to search for happiness himself; Misha passes the test and becomes the angel. The series ends with the two returning to their separate lives.[ch. 47]

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