WWE Monday Night RAW
Debut: January 11, 1993
Debut: January 11, 1993

WWE (formerly WWF) RAW was the first major wrestling program to earn a primetime weekly slot on cable television in 1993. It's first major source of competition on the airwaves was WCW's "Monday Nitro" which premiered in 1995. The premiere of Nitro started the Monday Night Wars, for the next 6 years in a fight for power of the cable market. WWE won the Monday Night Wars in 2001 when WCW went out of business. Currently, this is one of the three WWE brands airing weekly on television the others being Smackdown and NXT. Here are the current champions: Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns United States Champion: Bobby Lashley RAW Women's Champion: Bianca Belair Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos

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Mankind: "Destruction CAN be beautiful! -Mankind"
Triple H: "I am the gaaaaaame -Triple H"
Kurt Angle: "It's true. It's damn ture. -Kurt Angle"
The Hurricane: "What's up with that. -The Hurricane"
Stone Cold Steve Austin: "Sorry, My watch doesn't speak spanish. -Stone Cold Steve Austin"
Rowdy Roddy Piper: "Don't Throw Rocks at a man Whose got a Machine gun -Rowdy Roddy Piper"
The Rock: "Take your ass to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive. -The Rock"
The Undertaker: "Be afraid...be VERY afraid! -The Undertaker"
Christopher Nowinski: "He's like Harvard in The Summer, No Class -Christopher Nowinski"
Goldust: "You will remember the name ...of...GOLDUST. -Goldust"
X-pac: "Put that in your pipe and smoke it. -X-pac"
Mick Foley: "Moonpies Rule -Mick Foley"
Bradshaw: "'Cause We need beer money!!! -Bradshaw"
Brock Lesnar: "I'm Unstoppable -Brock Lesnar"
Paul Heyman: "GORE!!!, GORE!!!, GORE!!! -Paul Heyman"
TAKA Michinoku: "Yuu..Jakkassu -TAKA Michinoku"
Jeff Jarrett: "I've got just 3 words: Ain't I Great? -Jeff Jarrett"
Triple H: "Why don't you make a contibution yo my sanity, and do the one thing you never seem to be able to do...;SHUT UP!!! -Triple H"
Undertaker: "Rest in peace -Undertaker"
Vince McMahon: "I don't give a damn what the fans think cause quite frankly I know what the fans want better than they do. -Vince McMahon"
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