Magnum, P.I.
Debut: December 11, 1980
Ended: May 08, 1988
Debut: December 11, 1980
Ended: May 08, 1988

After leaving Naval Intelligence, the laid back Thomas Magnum III (Tom Selleck), struck a deal with the millionaire play boy author Robin Masters. Robin owned a rather large estate in Hawaii and Magnum moved into the guest house for free in exchange for running a series of security checks on the estate, property and vehicles including a fire engine red Ferrari. Magnum thought it was a good deal, until he met Jonathan Quayle Higgins (John Hillerman), the keeper of the estate and Robin's guests. Higgins takes his job much too seriously for Magnum's taste and the two of them are at odds for the better part of the series. For the shows 8 years Magnum, with the help of this two best friends; T.C. (Roger E. Mosley), the helicopter pilot and Rick (Larry Manetti), the restaurant manager with tons of connections solved all manner of crimes all over the Hawaiian Islands and even the main land. Magnum P.I. derived quite a bit of it’s popularity from the good looks of it’s star, Tom Selleck, the exotic Hawaiian locations, and the fire engine red Ferrari. At the time, it was unlike any action/detective show before it and still holds up today.

Higgins: "Oh my GOD! -Higgins"
Mac: "Time has little to do with infinity and jelly donuts. -Mac"
Magnum: "Now I know what you're thinking--- -Magnum"
Magnum: "It wasn't anything earth shattering. I woke up one day, age 33, and realized I'd never been 23. -Magnum"
Magnum: ""One of the cliches of my profession is that to get information from a bartender you have to slip him bills of various denominations. Bills that you can't afford with pictures of unfamiliar presidents and usually for information that isn't worth it." -Magnum"
Magnum: "Work the lock, don't look at the dogs."
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