Bureau of Alien Detectors
Debut: January 01, 1996
Ended: January 01, 1996

Bureau of Alien Detectors was a animated show that aired in 1996 on UPN as part of their Sunday Morning Programming Block, UPN Kids, which is now defunct because of apparent problems from UPN. This show only aired for one season and no second season was made.

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Opening introduction: "To many, it is modern day folklore. To others, it is simply tabloid headlines. But to a select few, it is the ultimate reality. Intergalactic aliens have arrived on Earth, now, they moved among us. Only one, top secret elite group of trained professionals has the ability to detect these extraterrestrial beings. B.A.D. The Bureau of Alien Detectors. Led by squadron leader Sgt. Ben Packer, military war hero, Special Agent Shane Sanderson, life science expert, Moose Trengganu, alien encounter surv"
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