Action league NOW!
Debut: December 15, 1998
Ended: December 15, 2012
Debut: December 15, 1998
Ended: December 15, 2012

Action League now were shorts from Kablam! in 1998 they made it into a tv show starting the Flesh super stong and super naked, thunder girl who flys like thunder, Stinkey diver who smells really bad, Meltman who has the power to melt.

10 years, 6 months ago
This show actually started in 2003, not 1998. I liked this show. This was one of few "KaBlam!" skits I actually really enjoyed. So I slightly prefer this over "KaBlam!". "The Flesh! He's super strong, and super.....NAKED!"
    12 years, 2 months ago
    This was a really great show! I LOVE Kablam! Too bad they never made Sniz and Fondue for like 30 mins. That short was me and my sister\'s favorite :)
      12 years, 3 months ago
      it was a really cool show and invader zim fan invader zim was not that great except for the salomi episode
        12 years, 3 months ago
        By far the best short on Kablam! When it became its own show, it was still fun to watch and I love seeing the occasional airing of it on Nicktoons Network.
          12 years, 8 months ago
          Sometimes I used to watch Kablam strictly to see this short
            12 years, 9 months ago
            i used to watch this everytime it came on. I HATE NICKELODEON!!!!! they took the actual good shows off, like invader zim
              13 years, 4 months ago
              I actually watched this the other day :)
              This show was amazing.
                13 years, 5 months ago
                Good news people! The show Action League Now was made into a 30 minute show and airs itself On nicktoons network at 2:00 am
                  13 years, 6 months ago
                  :D I re,eber getting a little figure of Meltman at a Taco Bell...or some fast food place.I wish they still showed Kablam! on the normal Nickledeon.
                    13 years, 7 months ago
                    what a great part of a great show Kablam! this was like a show in a show and was definately the fan favorite out of the programs many shorts
                      14 years, 5 months ago
                      whoever added the show summary meltman had the power to melt.
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