Superman (1996)
Debut: September 06, 1996
Ended: February 12, 2000

Predicting the ecological end of his world, Jor-El, scientist of the advanced society of planet Krypton, pleads with the leaders of his people to begin evacuation of their home. But Jor-El is countered by the intelligent A.I., Braniac, who convinces the councilmen to ignore Jor-Els warnings. When Jor-El discovers that Braniac understands the truth, and will work only preserve the entire history and knowledge of Krypton (all that Braniac deems valuable), the machine mind has him arrested. Jor-El escapes back to his home, where he uses a last ditch eventuality to save his only son, Kal-El. Placing him in a deep-space rocket, he sends him to a distant planet on the edge of Krypton's star charts: Earth. Here, the childless couple, Jon and Martha Kent, raise the boy as his own, amongst the majesty of middle North America. They instill in him the virtues and ideals of the American people: democracy, equality, justice and truth. When young Clark discovers his alien heritage grants him incredible abilities of strength, speed, vision, hearing and even flight, he knows he must leave the small world of the farm for the greater good of humanity. Years later, Clark Kent surfaces in Metropolis, production and cultural pearl of the East Coast. There, he is introduced by Editor-in-Chief Perry White to the staff of the Daily Planet. Star reporter Lois Lane at first dismisses him as a country bumpkin overwhelmed by the city, but can't deny when Kent starts getting the scoops before her. When Clark finally debuts as Superman, he immediately draws the ire of one man: Lex Luthor, the most powerful businessman in the city, and an egomaniac unwilling to share the spotlight. Along with the machinations of this corrupt mogul, Superman must face off against other threats to his adopted home, such as the demented Toyman, the vengeful Luminous, bewildering Mr. Mxyzsptlk (Mix-yesss-spit-lick), and the despotic Darkseid and his Apokalips minions. And there is always the returning threat of the foe who condemned his father and the people of Krypton, Braniac... The first two seasons were aired individually on Kids WB!'s Saturday mornings, with the exception of the first three-parter which aired on the special primetime slot on The WB. The last two seasons were aired as part of "The New Batman/Superman Adventures" block. Based on DC Comics characters, featuring Superman. Producers: Alan Burnett, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm; Executive Producer: Jean MacCurdy. from Warner Bros. Television Animation.

Brainiac: "Brainiac systems activated."
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Brainiac: "Farewell, Krypton."
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Brainiac: "I apologize for any discomfort, but it was important that I accurately gauged your powers."
Superman: "Why? Morbid curiosity?"
Brainiac: "Curiosity, yes; morbid, hardly. You see, we have more in common than you could possibly know, Kal-El."
Superman: "How do you know my name? Have you been to Krypton?"
Brainiac: "I AM Krypton."
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Superman: "I'll be watching you, Luthor."
Darkseid: "I am many things, Kal-El. You couldn't begin to imagen half of them."
Darkseid: "I told you, Superman that if you wouldn't become my knight, you'd become my pawn."
Granny Goodness: "Children, defend your granny's honor."
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