PBS NewsHour
Debut: October 20, 1975
Debut: October 20, 1975

On October 20, 1975, it launched as The Robert MacNeil Report later becoming the MacNeil/Lehrer Report. The show originally ran for 30 minutes until becoming a hour-long broadcast in 1983. In 1995 co-anchor Robert MacNeil retired and the show became The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, named after its sole anchor. Jim Lehrer retired in 2011 and the show had a series of temporary hosts until a new one could appear. In 2013 Gwen Ifill and Judy Wodruff were named as the new co-anchors making the first all-female hosting position on a national news show. Wodruff would take over full-time after Ifill's death in 2016. This program is the nightly news show on PBS. Running for an hour, it features extended length interviews not seen on other networks.

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