Beauty and the Beast (1987)
Debut: January 01, 1987
Ended: January 01, 1990

//Once upon a time... is now.// //A modern update of the classic fairy tale, this story takes place in New York when Cathrine, a wealthy socialite, is wounded severly after an attempted robbery. A disfigured man named Vincent saved her from certain death and healed her. From that moment on they share a psychic-like bond where they know where each other are at all times and a feeling stronger than love between them.// Reasonably good work by the previous contributor. In the 3rd season, which was only half a season long (guess why.), our beloved heroine, Catherine, is killed off, to be replaced by another Beauty named Diana. Most of us Beauty and the Beast fans (still) are angry at the TV-show makers for their decision to kill off Catherine. Also, in a lot of our fanfiction, either (A) the Third Season never happened, or (B) some how Catherine survives, usually by some sort of fluke or high-tech rescue, such as the use of time-travel. (Some of the fans are also Quantum Leap fans, so there eventually had been several fanfics written that are of the "Quantum Beast" tradition.) Regardless of whether you like/not the 3rd Season, the series Beauty and the Beast is a classic in its own right, and it's time to tell a new generation of young women about the story of Vincent and Catherine -- or simply (at least) stories involving Vincent and young Jacob, his son whom he had by Catherine.

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