Rocko's Modern Life
Debut: January 01, 1993
Ended: November 24, 1996

Animated series about a wallaby from Australia living in America. In O-Town Rocko lives with his dog Spunky and has strange friends like Heffer Wolfe and Filbert.

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Gladys Hippo: "HOW DARE YOU!!!"
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Rocko: "Spunky, you're the best dog in the whole wide world!"
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Heffer: "OK, here we are at fun central - Rocko's house!"
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Rocko: "I think I have a problem with me stomach!"
Nurse: "We think we have a problem with our stomach."
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Rocko: "SOLD?!"
Gib Hootsen: "Yup. The whole load's bein' sold off to the Lazy J Ranch."
Rocko: "You gotta stop them! My friend's on that truck!"
Heffer: "ROCKOooooooo!!"
Gib Hootsen: "I don't think that's gonna happen. Why, that old truck's faster than greased pig spit. And old folks there drive just like Steve McQueen before he switched to decaf."
Rocko: "I'll save you, Heffer!!"
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Rocko: "I don't want sleep! I don't need sleep! I am the waking living!"
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Gib: "♪Saved a truckload full of cattle Ridin' high up in his sattle♪"
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Rocko: "Ohhh... I... love this job..."
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Rocko: "Bad, Spunky! No squeaky monkey!"
Heffer: "That was a HOOT!!!"
Ed BigHead: "I Hate my Life"
Filbert: "I'm nauseous.....I'm nauseous...."
Filbert: "Oh fishsticks."
Rocko: "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby"
Heffer: "I had this wild, dream electric eels were biting my butt!"
Really, Really Big Man: "Look into my nipples of the future."
Dr.Hutichson: "(singing) Sometimes..."
Mr. Cheese: "I am the cheese; I am the best character on this show; I am better than the Salami and the Bologna combined."
Rocko: "I've always liked... rainbows"
Heffer: "(gasp) Rocko!"
Heffer: "A steer cannot live on peanuts alone. I'm going to first class."
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