Debut: January 01, 1986
Ended: January 01, 1986

Japanese name: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Gin, the third generation of bear-dogs goes through many hardships for the purpose of stopping the terrifying bear, Akakabuto. Vintage: 1986-04-07 - 1986-09-22 Animated by TOEI Animations. 21 episodes were made.

Jinnai: ""Your brother will die as a true Iga dog, you are also an Iga dog, fight and die like one!" -Jinnai"
Akatora: "Red snow? How strange... -Akatora"
Terry: "Compared to all those down there who are risking their lifes to defeat Akakabuto, you are worth nothing -Terry"
Silver: "Father... You are my father -Silver"
Benitsaukura: "The great Benitsakura is going to give the rest of his life to you, kid -Benitsaukura"
Akame: "From now on, I'll be your eyes -Akame"
Sniper: "Who I am? I'm the one who will make sure that Ben and Moss never shake paws! -Sniper"
Kurojaki: "This house is holy for us ninjadogs, and if it's gonna burn I'm gonna burn with it! -Kurojaki"
Akatora: "Akatora: "Silver... Ben is laying down there..." -Akatora"
Silver: "Now I will teach you why I'm called Meteor Silver!"
Ben: "Yes... Somehow, they can become invisible."
Sniper: "I'll be the new leader!"
Kirikaze: "Isn't it against the masters order to burn down the Iga house?"
Akame: "The Iga clan doesn't exist anymore, we have to destroy everything that has to do with that family."
Musashi: "When I saw your eyes, I knew I could trust you kid."
Kirikaze: "Aren't you going to obey Akame-sama's orders?"
Silver: "I'm not an Iga dog, therefor I'm not going to follow Akames orders, I'm going to help him!"
Jinnai: "Thank you Silver, we'll join you as soon as we've left the herbs in the village"
Daisuke: "Where's Silver?"
Gohei: "Silver?"
Daisuke: "Riki's pup."
Gohei: "Riki's pup?"
Daisuke: "Riki's son; Silver!"
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