Robin of Sherwood
Debut: April 28, 1984
Ended: June 28, 1986

Robin of Sherwood was a series based on the Robin Hood legend, but with added elements of celtic and medieval mythology and some fantasy. The series featured plenty swashbuckling scenes as well as some gags and tragic drama. The first two series starred Micheal Praed as the (Wolfshead) Robin of Locksley, later to be replaced by Jason Connery as the Heroic Robert of Huntingdon. (It should be noted that he is the son of Sean Connery) Yet the chilling, but sweet music brought by Clannad makes Robin of Sherwood memorable and most recommendable to audiences all over the world. The series was a success, but sadly the Director Richard Carpenter does not intend to to write any further episodes. Nevertheless, this classic series will never be forgotten, "nothing ever is"

Robin Hood: "[repeating line] Nothing's forgotten… Nothing's ever forgotten."
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