Debut: January 01, 1987
Ended: January 01, 2009
Debut: January 01, 1987
Ended: January 01, 2009

ChuckleVision is a popular British children's television series, shown on CBBC, first shown in 1987. It follows the adventures of the two Chuckle Brothers; Barry (the smaller) and Paul, who find themselves in all sorts of situations that they must cope with. The basic plot to each show is the brothers undertaking some sort of job, task or adventure. They are often employed by a character known as No Slacking, who is always played by the brothers' real-life half-brother Jimmy Patton. No Slacking is meant to be a different character in every episode he appears in; however, he is always known by this name due to the catchphrase he always says to get the bumbling brothers to work properly. No Slacking usually appears several times in each series, and in each episode his life is either ruined or otherwise inconvenienced by Paul and Barry. Their other half brother Brian Patton (who is a double act with Jimmy, The Patton Brothers) has appeared on and off since 1995. His character can often be heard to say "Get out of it!". Paul is the dominant of the two; it's often due to his blind confidence that the two end up in bother. When he realises he has made a mistake, he often blames Barry. He also tends to make Barry do the hard work and take the credit. However, by the end, poetic justice is usually done and if either brother is to come out on top at the end of the episode, it will invariably be Barry. However, this war between the brothers only happens in about half the episodes. The classic episodes of the show often ended with the brothers running away from some angered third party they had been trying to help. Since the 2002 series, during the end credits out-takes and goofs are usually shown.

Barry to Paul Chuckle: "To me... to you! -Barry to Paul Chuckle"
paul and barry: "Paul: "silly you" Barry "silly me" -paul and barry"
Paul to Barry: ""Oh dear" "Oh dear, oh dear!" -Paul to Barry"
No Slacking: "And remember, No Slacking! -No Slacking"
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