Nighttime with John Stossel
Debut: January 01, 2009

Nighttime with John Stossel is a talk show that airs on FOX News Channel. It is hosted by News anchor John Stossel.

John Stossel: "On Youtube, They have their own official channel, And created this warning video with Happy Tree Friends about the danger of copyright lawsuit."
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John Stossel: "I like to use music on my show, But sometimes I told "YOU CAN'T USE THAT, YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHTS!" Actor Nick Offerman created a parody on how the music copyright system works."
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John Stossel: "Well, Sounds like you get punished if people keep complaining you have been stealing things."
One of the lawyers: "Yeah, It has been getting worse. People had been gone away with piracy, Which is a crime. There was person who defeated couple of times for piracy copyright content to the internet. If you get three strike, You will get banned from internet."
John Stossel: "Not from the internet. It gets you banned from Youtube."
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