Debut: April 04, 1998
Ended: June 15, 2005

The life and times of a cat and a dog with an unique twist: they are connected, literally.

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Lube's Nephew: "Well, if it isn't the bi-cranial quadruped commonly known as CatDog."
Cat: "Are you sure you're related to Lube?"
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Dog: "Eat sensible, exercise, and watch TV!"
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Cliff: "Greasers it's catdog pounding time. -Cliff"
Unknown character: "We are geekers. -Unknown character"
Shriek: "Shriek: "I AM A GIRL!" -Shriek"
Cat: "My body! My body! My body! -Cat"
Cat: "You have to wake up pretty early in the afternoon to beat this cat. -Cat"
Cliff Man: "Cliff: Please tell me I'm not a freak! Man: Shut up you FREAK! -Cliff Man"
Dog: "Don't worry, Cat. They're not laughing with you; they're laughing AT you! -Dog"
Dog: "Dog: It just doesn't get any better than this! -Dog"
Ingrid #2 and Ingrid #1: "'I'll never dance with you two again! You stepped on my toes, and you ate my sister!' '[from inside CatDog] Ja!' -Ingrid #2 and Ingrid #1"
Dog Cat: "'I got your postcard: "Dear Dog, Wish you were here. Cat."' 'I meant every word!' -Dog Cat"
Mr. Sunshine Santa Claus: "'Wait, does this mean there's an Easter Bunny?' 'There better be, he owes me sixty bucks.' -Mr. Sunshine Santa Claus"
Cat Ingrid: "Cat: Hello, Ingrids. Care to cha-cha-cha? Ingrid: Ja-ja-ja! -Cat Ingrid"
Lube: "Hey! That's not CatDog... it's CatCat! -Lube"
Cat Dog: "'Quiet, Dog! I've got to listen for my name on the radio!' 'Aw, I coulda told ya that! It's CAT!' -Cat Dog"
Dog Cat: "Dog: I am... DOG THE MIGHTY! Cat: Yeah, mighty ridiculous! -Dog Cat"
Cat: "They all go haha with laughing at me, and they make me spill my Ice Cream all gone. -Cat"
Dog Cat: "'I hope I don't have a bad dream about aliens.' 'I have a very strong feeling you will.' -Dog Cat"
Dog Cat: "'You mean you lied?' 'That's what you do with pen pals.' 'I never knew that.' -Dog Cat"
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