Monkey Turn
Debut: January 01, 2004
Debut: January 01, 2004

two anime series, Monkey Turn and Monkey Turn V, which were both produced by Oriental Light and Magic and aired on TV Tokyo throughout 2004.The series follows Kenji Hatano, a young man who sets out to master conquer the world of kyōtei (hydroplane racing). Over the course of the series he develops a serious rivalry with fellow racer Hiro Doguchi. Characters Kenji Hatano Initially a high school student who was dreaming of being a professional baseball player but then quit after losing this match against this other school. His teacher saw talent in Hatano then introduces him into the world of motorboat racing. He promises to become the top racer in Japan within three years. He realizes this feat by mastering the "monkey turn" a type of high speed cornering used in boat racing. Takehiro Doguchi (洞口雄大 Dōguchi Takehiro) Masaya's principal rival, his style of racing is much reviled by other racers on the circuit. Sumi Ubukata (生方澄 Ubukata Sumi) Masaya's childhood friend and romantic interest. She is very supportive of Masaya, and attends all of his races.

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