Debut: January 01, 1989
Ended: January 01, 1990

a children's television series aired on the BBC between 3 January 1989 and 7 February 1990.Greenclaws, played by Nick Mercer, was a big green monster who lived in a greenhouse. Every week, Iris would visit Greenclaws. They would put one of Greenclaws' fabulous seeds in a plant pot, put the plant pot inside a secret growing place in the Riddle Tree, wait for Owlma (a mechanical owl) to alert them that the plant was ready, answer three riddles/questions correctly from Owlma (which were always along the lines of "Twit twoo, twoo, twit twit twoo?" and then translated into English by Iris for her and Greenclaws to solve), then open the tree to find the plant had grown into something bearing unusual fruit. Each episode featured a song filmed (lip-synched) on location, most of which were written by Hilary James and Simon Mayor. There would also be a story told featuring relatives of Greenclaws while the plant was growing, accompanied by illustrations. Theme Edit In the greenhouse, Greenclaws' greenhouse, Greenclaws grows them amazing plants. They're surprising, mystifying, Greenclaws grows them crazy plants!Owlma is meant to be a female owl. The "Twit Twoo" call is actually two owls calling to each other. The female calls out the "twit" sound to which a male owl answers with a call of "twoo

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