Cow and Chicken
Debut: July 15, 1997
Ended: July 24, 1999

A cow and chicken, are born to human parents and have strange adventures!

Cow: "Moo.. -Cow"
Chicken: "[trying to cheer up Cow] I know you hate being ugly, but someone has to make everbody else look good. -Chicken"
cow: "Thank you chiiiiieeecken you really cheered me up... Let's go play with Flem and Eaaarl. -cow"
The Red Guy: "I havn't brushed my teeth this year! -The Red Guy"
Chicken: "Is this cartoon ever gonna make sense? -Chicken"
Dad: "Well, Manure the Bear! In the name of boneless grandma! -Dad"
Chicken: "Cow! I've got Crabs... the warthog! -Chicken"
Cow: "Supercow al rescate! -Cow"
Chicken: "That's it? Stupid change machine! A put in two dimes, and a nickle, and it gives me one quarter! What a gyp! -Chicken"
Cow (referring to Mom and Dad): "Sometimes I question their sanity."
Chicken: "I wonder if it's too late to put myself up for adoption."
Mom: "I'm going to be a grandmother!"
Dad: "Me, too!"
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