Debut: May 01, 2002
Ended: February 19, 2009

Cheat! was a TV show on G4 that provided cheat codes, strategies, and other hidden features for video games. The show was hosted by Kristin Adams (née Holt), who replaced original host Cory Rouse in January 2005. Cheat! last aired February 19, 2009 on G4. Cheat! was one of the first shows to be on G4 when it launched in spring 2002. Host Cory Rouse would give tips and cheats on a couple of games from the studio in the early episodes. In fall 2002, G4 made a deal with Pringles to have them sponsor the show. Cheat was now officially known as "Cheat, Pringles Gamer's Guides". Cheat was one of G4's most popular shows. In certain episodes Rouse would leave the studio and film on location based on the game he was reviewing. Notable episodes of these years include Rouse getting advice from the staff at Tips and Tricks magazine, looking at Knights of the Old Republic as a Jedi Knight and Sith Lord, and looking at The Matrix. In spring of 2004, G4 announced a merge with TechTV. While many shows on both networks were cancelled, Cheat! survived the merger and production continued on the newest season. In summer of 2004, after a dispute, Pringles ended its sponsorship of Cheat. G4TechTV continued to produce the remainder of the season with the original Cheat logo and the name was changed back to Cheat. G4TechTV promised a relaunch next season. Rouse looked at more games into the fall as the season wrapped up, including driving around in a Jeep looking at The Simpsons: Hit & Run and playing James Bond with host Tina Wood looking at Everything or Nothing. The season finale aired in October, which was dedicated to Doom 3. After the October episode, Rouse left the show. Rouse would be replaced with Kristen Holt (later Kristen Adams following marriage) who would host the show even after it was cancelled in 2009 and was downgraded to a segment on "X-Play". In a change, Holt always hosted the show in a studio.

Kristen: "Until next time, I'm Kristen Adams and you've been cheating."
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Kristin: "Until next time, I'm Kristen Holt and you've been cheating."
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