Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Debut: April 22, 1994
Ended: March 31, 1995

In the 60th century humans leave the polluted Earth and migrate to space colonies. To prevent war, the colonies come up with a tournament called a Gundam Fight which is held every four years. Each nation builds a gundam and sends it to Earth to fight. These gundam represent their nation and battle in the Gundam Fight to see who will become the ruler of earth until the next tournament. Domon Kasshu is sent by Neo Japan to fight with Shinning Gundam to win the 13th Gundam Fight Tournament. Domon and his assistant Rain Mikamura encounter more than Gundam on their way to winning the tournament. Domons mission is to find his brother Kyoji, and defeat the Devil Gundam.

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Domon: "Say your prayers!"
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Domon: "Take this! My love, my anger, and all my sorrow!"
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Master Asia: "I'll never forgive you. I'll never forgive you, Domon!!! Can you possibly comprehend what you've just done here?"
Domon: "Shut up, Master Asia!"
Master: "What?"
Domon: "You heartless villain. Thought you could take over the world with the Dark Gundam, did ya?"
Master: "Pay attention! Have I said even once that I wanted the world?"
Domon: "I know your plans with Wong. You can't talk your way out of it!"
Master: "I only took advantage of his position. If that means that I'm able to resurrect the Dark Gundam, I'll have succeeded!"
Domon: "But why do you need the Dark Gundam?"
Master: "Hahahaha! Are you curious? Then, I'll explain it to you in your language, a battle!"
Domon: "I'd like nothing better! GUNDAM FIGHT!"
Master: "READY!!"
Domon: "GO!"
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Master Asia: "Only those with the courage to fight join me. Got that?"
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Domon: "Anyone who tries to thwart another's love shall hear galloping hooves and cries for revenge!"
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Kyoji: "You intend to shoot your own brother?"
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Sai Saichi: "You want a real fight? You've got one!"
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Domon: "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power; it's burning grip tells me to defeat you!"
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Stalker: "Let's get things started! Gundam Fight all set! Ready, Go!"
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