Debut: September 07, 1990
Ended: August 08, 1991
Debut: September 07, 1990
Ended: August 08, 1991

This casts key characters from The Jungle Book into a 1930's pacific setting, where Baloo is a bush pilot, and running a struggling courier company. His air service and plane named the Sea Duck, are bought by Rebecca Cunningham, who renames the company Higher For Hire. Baloo's navigator Kit Cloudkicker, Rebecca's daughter Molly, and their mechanic Wildcat are along too through many adventures involving air pirates, gangsters, and scheming businessmen just to name a few.

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Don Carnage: "Are you not in possession of all of your marbles? -Don Carnage"
Kit: "Stuff it in your windsock! -Kit"
Don Karnage: "Future victim Baloooooo, where are yooouuuuuu? -Don Karnage"
Don Karnage: "When I catch that bothersome Baloo, I will tear him into itsy bitsy pieces of ugly bear. And then I sew him back together with dull needles -Don Karnage"
Don Karnage: "What a lousy place for a wall -Don Karnage"
Shere Khan: "We remain... uninpressed. -Shere Khan"
Kit Cloudkicker: "You're Somebody to ME! -Kit Cloudkicker"
Dan Karnage: "That robot pilot is a sitting duck! -Dan Karnage"
Don Karnage: "It's like taking candy from a BABY sitting duck! -Don Karnage"
Louie: "K-N-O-W. No. -Louie"
Rebecca Baloo: "We're going and I'm not taking "no" for an answer.' 'No?' 'I'm not taking it as a question either. -Rebecca Baloo"
Don karnage: "We'll pirates it's what we do! as he bowed to them to lead a clue. -Don karnage"
Shere Khan: "(After hearing about Wildcat impersonating him):I'd very much like to meet myself. Can you arrange it? -Shere Khan"
Don Karnage: "This had better be important, Mr. I-have-the-brains-of-a duck!"
Myra: "Hey, put that back; it's priceless! (Dumptruck drops the vase, breaking it)"
Don Karnage: "What are you doing?!"
Dumptruck: "Uh, she said it wasn't worth anything..."
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