Nini's Treehouse
Debut: January 01, 2000
Ended: January 01, 2003

a children's television series and was produced by The Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company. It was on TLC, GMTV Kids and Discovery Kids as part of Ready Set Learn.NiNi works in a treehouse on an Oooberry tree in an Oooberry Forest in Oooberryland. Characters Edit NiNi - An Anthropomorphic Collie. Treezles - Two green squirrels. Their names are Bee and Dee. Horace the Hippo Norman and the Fingerlings Oupagogo Cast Edit Lewis Rae - NiNi - costume Jennifer Thompson Taylor - NiNi - voice Segments Edit The Stringy Things Norman and the Fingerlings Oupagogo Horace the Hippo The Drawing Children Episodes Edit Season 1 (2000) Edit Forget-Me-Not! Feeling Fine! Sorry! Over Here! How Many? A Perfect Fit Up and Away! Rise and Shine Wakey Wakey I've Won Stay Cool! Surprise Surprise! Season 2 (2001) Edit Cover Up! I'm the Best Bump! Keep Fit Let's Play Pretty Please Smile Tasty Big Friends Look Here Coochi Coo! Wrap Up Giddyup Season 3 (2002) Edit Roar! Boo! Oh Dear! Bright Ideas! Snap Season 4 (2003) Edit Please Wait! Faster Faster Peek-a-Boo! Clean It Up Drink Up Found It! Special Things Pretty Pictures! It's Mine! Moo! Moo! What's Wrong? Yummy! Good Job! Try Again! Nice work! Well Done! Terrific! The End! And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen! That's Right! Look out Below! Hooray! Yes! No! Yay! Game Over! Congratulations! Direct to Video Edit The Oooberry Alphabet Zoo! NiNi and the Treezle Twins learn their alphabet while drawing the animals in an Oooberry zoo. Keep On Counting! NiNi makes a castle for Princesses Bee and Dee as they learn their numbers from 1 to 10. NiNi's Colouring Circus! The Treezles are upset because they've missed the bus to the circus, but Ni Ni saves the day by drawing them their own personal circus involving lots of colours and shapes. Nursery Rhyme Time! NiNi sketches most of the 14 nursery rhymes covered, allocating a special book for each. NiNi's Birthday Surprise! It's party time in Oooberryland! Bee and Dee, the Treezle Twins, are celebrating their bi

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