Tiny Toon Adventures
Debut: September 14, 1990
Ended: May 28, 1995
Debut: September 14, 1990
Ended: May 28, 1995

This is a whole new generation of Looney Tunes, as these Tiny Toons attend Acme Looniversity and learn from the pros on how to be looney. A very funny cartoon with young toons that are a newer generation of Looney Toons! Bugs Bunny and the rest of the old Looney Tunes gang help and mentor the Tiny Toons whenever needed. This show had some very good laughs and it still does today. Much of the material that was on it lead to many of the jokes on "Animaniacs".

Buster: "What does an umpire shout in baseball when the batter makes it all the way back to home plate before the ball is caught? Time's up!"
Montana Max: "I was going to say "Safe!" (a safe falls on him.)"
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TV Announcer: "We interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement."
Buster: "It must be important for them to interrupt a video game!"
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Babs: "I'm tired of dating silly, immature little boys. I'd like to meet a sophisticated older guy with a special affinity for rabbits. -Babs"
Buster and Babs Bunny: "Hi, I'm Buster Bunny and I'm Babs Bunny....No relation!! -Buster and Babs Bunny"
Gogo Dodo: "Whew, I thought you'd never ax. -Gogo Dodo"
Babs: "Do I have the cutest toes? -Babs"
Buster and Babs: "Bster: "Say 'goodnight', Babs." Babs: " 'Goodnight, Babs.' " -Buster and Babs"
Buster and Babs: "Alooooooooha! -Buster and Babs"
Babs: "Do I have the cutest toes? -Babs"
Plucky Duck: "Who are you? A spy from Disney? -Plucky Duck"
Babs: "Do you like my ears up or down? -Babs"
Baby Plucky Duck: "My blue ball go down the hoooole. -Baby Plucky Duck"
Babs: "I'm eraser head! -Babs"
Babs: "Eat your heart out. -Babs"
Baby Plucky: "Elevator go down the hole. -Baby Plucky"
Baby Plucky: "Diaper go down the hole. -Baby Plucky"
Baby Plucky: "[as a baby flushing the toilet] Water go down the hole! Water come back! I want to do it again! -Baby Plucky"
Baby Plucky: "My elelator not your elelator my elelator! -Baby Plucky"
Baby Plucky: "I push the button, not you push the button, I push the button. -Baby Plucky"
Baby Plucky: "Don't want red ball I want blue blue not red -Baby Plucky"
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