Kids Say the Darndest Things
Debut: January 09, 1998
Ended: June 23, 2021

Kids Say the Darndest Things is a very funny show, all Bill Cosby does is demonstrate the cute innocence of children. Cosby would ask children question who would often respond in cute and innocent ways. The series first aired as a one-time special on CBS in 1995 and was then aired as a regular series in 1998. Bill Cosby hosted the show's original run but the series got a reboot in 2019 hosted by Tiffany Hadish.

Announcer: "(insert child's name) is not a professional actor/actress and hasn't been told what to say. Keep in mind that (insert name) is only (insert age)."
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Announcer: "It's Kids Say the Darndest Things! Starring Bill Cosby!"
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Bill Cosby: "That's all for tonight!"
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Kemmet Hayes: "I'm Kemmet Hayes, and I'm from North Carolina"
Stagehand: "You're not from North Carolina are you?"
Kemmet: "Uh uh"
Stagehand: "Ok"
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Issac: "Hey, is Cosby coming tonight?"
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Announcer: "Now it's time for Cos and the kids."
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Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bill Cosby!"
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