Candid Camera
Debut: January 01, 1927
Ended: January 01, 2014
Debut: January 01, 1927
Ended: January 01, 2014

Candid Camera originally began on the radio as "Candid Microphone" as narrated by Dan St. George. In 1948 the series made its television debut as Candid Camera hosted by Allen Funt as segments on various other TV shows. In 1960 the series began airing a weekly version which aired on CBS until 1967. The series aired again only as specials celebrating its 35th anniversary in 1983 with Allen's son Peter Funt co-hosting. The series returned to a weekly series in 1998 with Peter Funt and Suzanne Sommers as co-host. In 2001 the series moved to the Pax TV network with Dina Eastwood as co-host. Pax TV cancelled the series in 2004. In 2014 the series briefly returned to TV Land, once again hosted by Peter Funt with actress Mayiam Bialik as co-host. Candid Camera involved regular people involved in unusual situations unaware they are on camera. When they find out they get the show's catchphrase-"Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"

Peter: "Don't be surprised if sometime, somewhere, someplace when you least expect it, someone steps up to you and says--"
Suzanne: "Smile! You're on "Candid Camera"!"
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