The Little Mermaid
Debut: September 11, 1992
Ended: November 26, 1994

The adventures of Ariel and her friends at the age of fourteen. From her first known trouble with Ursula to her collection of human objects, the show illustrates her journey as she finishes growing up. It also introduced new characters such as her merboy friend (an orphan named Urchin who her family all saw as a little brother), the snobbish mermaid named Pearl, the mobster lobster, Evil Manta, Sebastian's family, and an orca Ariel named Spot. The show originally aired on CBS. Reruns have aired, at different points in time, on the Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and Disney Junior.

Ariel & Flounder: "Ariel - Flounder,You scared him! Flounder - I scared him? No one's every been scared by me! -Ariel & Flounder"
Gabriella: "Dancing is freedom! -Gabriella"
Ariel: "Daddy always does whatever he wants to But he never lets me do what I want to.. -Ariel"
Lobster Mobster and Shrimp: "I don't know what was harder, takin' care of those twins or that shark." "The shark!!" "No, I think the twins was the hardest." "No Boss, THE SHARK!! -Lobster Mobster and Shrimp"
Sebastian: "I was part of a huge family. During the baby boom, we nearly exploded! -Sebastian"
King Triton: "I want to hear my Ariel laughing again! -King Triton"
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