Song of the South (1986 Re-issue)
Release: December 15, 1986
Release: December 15, 1986

Walt Disney Pictures presents "Song of the South" In 1986 this Disney classic from 1946 was re-released to theaters for it's very last time and during the holiday season of 1986, it's released onto VHS for its first and indeed its last time. As of the first decade of the 2000s, this Disney classic, has not yet had its first DVD release from the Walt Disney Company itself, here in the United States of America. Mostly remembered by Disney fans because of the song "Zip-Eh-Dee-Do-Dah," Song of the South is one that is good for children and adults alike and for all generations. Plot: Johnny and his mother spend time on Johnny's grandmother's plantation in the countryside of the State of Georgia, which takes place after the Civil War. While spending time on the plantation, Johnny encounters a storyteller who goes by Uncle Ramus by all who live on the plantation. The stories Uncle Ramus tells everyone is about the tales of Br'er Rabbit and his two menaces Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear.

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