Bride Wars
Release: January 09, 2009
Release: January 09, 2009

Liv and Emma have been inseparable best friends for 20 years. Together they share a dream of having June weddings at New York City's Plaza Hotel. And when they get engaged and with the help of the most sought after wedding planner Marion St. Claire, their dreams are finally coming true...or so they thought. A clerical error puts both ceremonies on the same date of June 6th leaving Emma & Liv trying to view other options. But when neither one folds, the brides stop speaking to each other as they start breaking apart and doing whatever it takes to sabotage one another before the big day. Let the games begin and may the best bride win. Directed by Gary Winnick. Starring Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pratt, Steve Howey, Kristen Johnston, Michael Arden, and Candace Bergen.

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