Trancers 6
Release: July 23, 2002
Release: July 23, 2002

Jack Deth is back, and he's got a whole new look in this installment of the long-running Trancers saga. Traveling back in time to take over the body of his daughter Josephine, Deth must face off against a powerful new breed of Trancers if he has any hope of saving the future from a horrific fate and rescuing Josephine from a horde of fearsome, zombie-like killers. No one said that saving the world is an easy task, but if anyone has what it takes to finish the job it's Jack Deth.

9 years, 6 months ago
i wanna see this. i know tim thomersons not in it , but it still looks good. i just hope "he" doesnt have sex with guys in this
i mean yes "she" looks hot but it whould make things weird if he did
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