Release: January 01, 1975
Release: January 01, 1975

Dr. Kurt Leopold is a former Mad Nazi Scientist transforms himself into mutant walking catfish. He attempts to attack those who wronged him in past along with creating a new dominate race of creatures by using the same process on women. The film appeared on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 1005.

Dr. Leopold: "Sargassum, the weed of deceit. Sargassum fish - mighty hunter of the deep! What an inspiration you have been in my plot! Your life of hiding, waiting... stalking your prey. At just the right moment... ATTACK! I love you. I hope I'll be a good imitator. And my friend, the shark. Cunning, swift... wretched humans, they're afraid of you! I admire you. Soon, I'll swim with you! They'll be afraid! Oh, mighty scorpion, dangerous beast of the ocean with your powerful daggers, and your camouflage... you"
Dr. Leopold: "I'll cause underwater life to triumph over all other living creatures. I will adapt myself to a permanent underwater environment. All other humans will be conquered. I can not - I WILL NOT BE STOPPED! I will select a mate with utmost care, and together we will create a whole new aquatic race. But there is no time left!"
Marine Biologist Rex: "But why would a monster need drugs?"
INPIT Agent Stevens: "For the same reason he became a vampire last night - to satisfy some physical need or urge."
Dr. Leopold: "Nets are no longer for fish. We may use them on you humans - if any survive."
Dr. Leopold: "Nothing at all like the catfish... but it's BEAUTIFUL!"
Sheriff Krantz: "Hah! The state of Florida against a l'il ole catfish. Some case!"
Dr. Leopold: "The formula they all laughed at - Z sub A, A sub T... ZaAt!"
INPIT Agent Stevens: "It looks more like it was done by an animal; a cat or an ape."
Sheriff Krantz: "Well, I ain't seen that college education of yours do us much good so far."
Marine Biologist Rex: "Walking fish wasn't part of the curriculum. They didn't teach us how to be kind to sheriffs, either - but I'm trying."
Sheriff Krantz: "You better be, boy."
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