Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave
Release: December 24, 1995

Wallace and Gromit become window washers. A sheep-killer has been going around, and a lamb named Shawn escpaes and comes to the clay characters' house and they become friends. Not also to mention Wallace met Wendoline Ramsbottom, the girl of his dreams, and also the sidekick of the sheep-killer that now just framed Gromit. Gromit goes to jail and Wallace, Shawn, and many more sheep come and save Gromit, and others. Yet another Academy Award-winner. It's also my favorite one in the Wallace and Gromit series!

Wallace: "Excuse me... The bounce is gone from his bungee. -Wallace"
Wallace: "(sweater stuck on Wallace's head) It's a bit tight here and there, but it will do. -Wallace"
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