Olive, the Other Reindeer
Release: December 17, 1999

An animated holiday special produced by the Curiosity Company and first airing in 1999 on Fox. The special had a unique art style with paper cutout characters animated in a full 3D environment. The special is the story of a Jack Russell Terrier named Olive. This year he finds that Christmas will not be happening because Blitzen cannot fly due to injury. When Olive hears Santa say he can only do it with the help of "all of the other reindeer", Olive mishears this and believes she will be the one to help Santa this year. Olive goes to the North Pole with Martini, a penguin, but there is an evil Postman who is sick and tired of delivering heavy Christmas presents and wants to stop Olive from achieving her goal.

Postman: " She's wanted for several charges of mail fraud, including... uh, licking the self-adhesive stamps, and not sending early for the holidays."
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Martini: "The laws of breaking and entering, as they pertain to Santa, are unclear."
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Radio Announcer: "Check out Marzipan Shack's pre-Ramadan Christmas sale!"
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Olive: "By the way, where's Rudolph?"
Comet: "There's no Rudolph. It's just one of those urban legends."
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Zoo Director: "Martini, you're back! We saw you on TV!"
Martini: "I hope it was a color TV. Black and white just isn't my style."
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