The Pagemaster
Release: November 23, 1994
Release: November 23, 1994

In a live action wraparound, Macaulay Culkin stars as Richard Tyler, an easily bullied, nervous wreck of a kid who's an expert on safety statistics. His parents (Mel Harris and Ed Begley, Jr.) don't know how to inspire him to embrace life boldly. Barely able to leave the house, he ventures out one day, but gets lost in a storm and ends up at a mysterious library. Inside, he slips, is knocks unconscious, and finds himself in a cartoon realm where books come to life. Guided by Adventure (Patrick Stewart), Fantasy (Whoopi Goldberg), and Horror (Frank Welker), he experiences the adventures of classic novels such as Moby Dick and Treasure Island, and he even meets some famed fictional characters such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Leonard Nimoy). Through his experiences in the pages of the legendary books, he confronts his phobias and learns to face life more courageously.

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Adventure: "we're in Baskervilles! have a look see!"
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Pagemaster: "When in doubt, look to the books! -Pagemaster"
Long John Silver: ""Good Sailing with ye, shipmate; Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, Yo ho ho & a bottle of rum." -Long John Silver"
Horror and Adventure: "(knocks)"Who's there?" "Adventure?" "Adventure who?" "What do you mean Adventure who?? -Horror and Adventure"
Richard: "This is not good, definitely not good. -Richard"
Richard Tyler: "Richard Tyler: I'm a cartoon! -Richard Tyler"
Adventure Fantasy: "How would you like to curl up with a good book? Ow, me binding!' 'In your dreams! -Adventure Fantasy"
Richard Fantasy: "Fantasy!' 'Naturally. Who were you expecting, Honey? The Tooth Fairy? -Richard Fantasy"
Horror: "We are lusty, adventurous men. -Horror"
Adventure: "I wrote the book on sailing. In fact, I am the book on sailing. -Adventure"
Adventure Horror: "Hmm, you know what would make this a happy ending? A kiss.' 'Doh, okay. [smack]' 'I meant from her! -Adventure Horror"
Tom Richard Long John Silver: "Give the word, captain Silver, and I'll show you the color of his insides.' 'Red, red, they're red!' 'Stow your cutlass, Tom, I want a better look at his outsides first. -Tom Richard Long John Silver"
Fantasy Horror Adventure: "Fantasy: He's possessed! Horror: He's insane! Adventure: He's my kinda guy! -Fantasy Horror Adventure"
Dr. Jekyll Richard: "My boy, I derive no pleasure in telling you that you are in extreme danger.' 'Danger?' 'Even as we speak. -Dr. Jekyll Richard"
Fantasy Richard: "'What is this?' 'It's a library card.' 'I'm a book, honey, I can read.' -Fantasy Richard"
The Pagemaster: "I am The Pagemaster, keeper of the books and guardian of the written word. -The Pagemaster"
Dr. Jekyll, Capt. Ahab, Long John Silver: "You prevailed over evil." "You looked Moby Dick in the eye, boy." "Arr, you have pirate stuff, lad. -Dr. Jekyll, Capt. Ahab, Long John Silver"
Adventure and Fantasy: "How'd you like to settle down with a good book?" "IN YOUR DREAMS!! -Adventure and Fantasy"
Adventure and Richard: "You be fiction or nonfiction?" "Richard! Richard Tyler!" "What kind of a book that be? -Adventure and Richard"
Richard: "I was torn apart by a mad doctor! I was pushed around by a bunch of mangy pirates! And eaten, got that? EATEN by a fire-breathing dragon! -Richard"
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