Casper Meets Wendy
Release: September 08, 1998

Casper, the Friendly Ghost, and the Ghostly Trio are back, with a spirited promise to eat, drink and be scary. In this successor to last year's 'A Spirited Beginning', it introduces Wendy, the little witch, to the live-action realm. Wendy, you know her from the Harvey comics, is a little girl living with her witch aunts in the country. They are there to protect her from the antics of Desmond Spellman, the most powerful warlock in the nation with a destined wish to kill Wendy, learning she will be the one to overthrow him in the future. When Wendy finds out, she teams up with Casper to help stop him for good. starring Cathy Moriarty, Shelly Duvall, and Teri Garr, opposite the voices of Jeremy Foley as Casper, Bill Farmer, Jess Harnell and James Ward as the Ghostly Trio, with George Hamilton as Desmond Spellman, and introducing Hilary Duff as Wendy. Sean McNamara directs from the screenplay by Jymn Magon; Story by Magon and Rob Kerchner; Based on characters from Harvey Comics, featuring "Casper the Friendly Ghost" and "Wendy the Little Witch". Produced by Mike Elliott; Executive Producers: Haim Saban, Lance H. Robbins and Jeffrey A. Montgomery. Music Composed and Conducted by Udi Harpaz; Music Supervisors: Ron Kenan and Andrew Muson; featuring performances by Shana Halligan, Cookie Avalon, Paul Gordon, Pep Torres and Kathy Fisher. from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Saban Entertainment, with The Harvey Entertainment Company. "Casper", "The Ghostly Trio", "Wendy" and all related characters and indicia (TM)s/© Harvey Comics, Inc.

Casper: "Casper: (Scaring his uncles on purpose) WITCHES! -Casper"
Wendy: "YIKES! MY PAJAMAS! -Wendy"
Casper: "I didn't know witches were so.....cute! -Casper"
human Fatso: "Hubba! Hubba! -human Fatso"
Josh and Wendy: "Josh: Oh, hi, doll-face. Wendy: Bye, dog-face! -Josh and Wendy"
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